Noisy or smokey exhaust? we’ll check it, repair it or replace it.

A vehicle’s exhaust system consists of a series of pipes and boxes designed to reduce engine noise, maintain fuel efficiency and move gas emissions (some of which are toxic) away from the front of the vehicle.

Under existing UK law a vehicle can be removed on the suspicion of producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust; in addition to the vehicle failing its MOT test if any fault in the system is identified.

An exhaust can corrode from both inside and out and the life duration is dependent on how far and often the vehicle is driven, frequent short journeys cause much greater corrosion than long journeys. The importance of maintaining a healthy exhaust system and the impact of a faulty one can have on the environment is not something that drivers automatically think about.

We recommend that, in order to keep your vehicle in optimum condition with a smooth running engine, and ensure the welfare of its occupants, you have your vehicle and exhaust system checked twice a year.  Any cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, corrosion or high pollutant levels can then be identified and rectified.

 SRS specialises in the repair and replacement of exhausts. You can use this link to book your vehicle exhaust inspection or alternatively call us on: 01773 260110 and one of our team will book your vehicle in.

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